Welcome to the Sho! OpenSho's Open Directory Index

The OpenSho Open Directory Index is an index of all the files that my crawlers are actively indexing. Open directories are a wealth of hidden files and fun. My goal is to index as many of them as I can and make a usable index for everyone to use.

Latest Files Found:
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13.jpgjpg2.36 MB2022-11-02 09:57:58
12.jpgjpg2.53 MB2022-11-02 09:57:57
11.jpgjpg2.47 MB2022-11-02 09:57:57
10.jpgjpg1.75 MB2022-11-02 09:57:57
09.jpgjpg1.95 MB2022-11-02 09:57:57
08.jpgjpg2.61 MB2022-11-02 09:57:56
07.jpgjpg2.59 MB2022-11-02 09:57:56
06.jpgjpg3.09 MB2022-11-02 09:57:56
05.jpgjpg2.76 MB2022-11-02 09:57:56
04.jpgjpg2.9 MB2022-11-02 09:57:55
Number of files found so far: 11619008.