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Welcome, Opensho.com users! Dive into the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for file and port scanning insights from Opensho. We're not stopping here - our roadmap is packed with exciting features just around the corner!

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  • Beta Program Access: Get ready to join the action! We're opening up registrations for our beta program, offering exclusive features:
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    • Web Service Monitoring: Set up alerts and stay ahead of the curve.
    • Search Pagination: Effortlessly navigate through extensive results with our seamless pagination feature, ensuring you don't miss a thing.

Stay tuned - the future of port scanning is here, and it's packed with potential. Join us and be part of the journey!

Latest Open Ports:
IP Hostname Port Port Status Time Found
Open2023-10-16 15:00:32
Open2023-10-16 15:00:32
Open2023-10-16 15:00:30
Open2023-10-16 15:00:30
Open2023-10-16 11:51:30
Open2023-10-16 11:51:30
Open2023-10-16 11:51:30
Open2023-10-16 11:51:30
Open2023-10-16 03:30:25
Open2023-10-16 03:29:51

Latest Files Found:
File link File type File size Time Found
f46c1e8badcd3002f039b1e16d8539107558655f961b54a4d244ef95e7ddef.filezfilez2.06 KB2024-01-16 13:20:49
f9cfd920d4ff85a1c9a6b5afbe1934a6d7f07c1c3fc12a832a2874ec836bac.dirtreedirtree562 2024-01-16 13:20:48
f8ef4ecc290e667c7d7d25c1b820ac16df85d4ca079d7e8e702416acea99b7.filezfilez6.8 KB2024-01-16 13:20:48
f5e05880b3068815d0399ef5cdf06042a5d4cb1b2df945453d829e9e5d9012.filezfilez78.08 KB2024-01-16 13:20:48
f1caf0cb3599f1aba99d92363804a0a95744002a45a28cd2d4bbc591626554.filezfilez1.22 KB2024-01-16 13:20:48
f054799993735f56b983d2f0d033cb918a639c35e8f593b0d17aa8e4ff9e1b.filezfilez4.48 KB2024-01-16 13:20:47
f0ff5047c5a94abb8259f9f21b971e0306a788193607ecd08bb2cc978e590f.filezfilez18.05 KB2024-01-16 13:20:47
f0bec45d9e8c13358a5401d51f79e94ba3e280cd2bcd5cc8b814d6e75a4819.filezfilez388.31 KB2024-01-16 13:20:47
efd2d1f8444343ab84445d92039e4196848562311431d1022e57d5425b76cf.filezfilez4.31 KB2024-01-16 13:20:47
efc9bd75e882685317b3821b57711e5c12003f590454a2a464524236125c7b.filezfilez94.19 KB2024-01-16 13:20:46